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How does it work?

The ASSESS evaluation tool can be easily navigated through these five evaluation steps

Step 1: select a job profile

Select among twelve job profiles from five different professional sectors

Step 2: select the type of competences

  • a) Competences which are specific for each job profile
    By selecting these competences you will be directly led to evaluation step 4
  • b) Competences which are transversal for all the job profiles
    By selecting these competences you will continue to evaluation step 3

Step 3: select transversal competences to evaluate

Relevance of transversal competences varies between companies, jobs and countries. In this step you can choose which transversal competences you need to evaluate for the worker or candidate you are assessing, having in mind the needs of the particular job or company

Step 4: evaluate the competences with the competences evaluation dashboard

By clicking in the “Assess” button of each competence you will be provided with detailed information to facilitate the evaluation of the competence:

  • Subcompetences, areas in which each competence is divided
  • Examples which demonstrate the competence in working situations, for all subcompetences included in each competence

Note: when evaluating transversal competences, to better adjust to the particular situation of worker/candidate and job/company assessed, you can use the default examples provided or you can either write your own examples

Evaluate now each competence by analyzing all the information provided and ranking these two combined criteria:

  • Importance of the competence for the particular job or company
  • Ability of the worker or candidate to perform the competence

Step 5: get the evaluation report

Once all competences have been evaluated a Competences Evaluation Report will be provided. This report will include qualitative and quantitative information about the competences assessed as well as training recommendations for the worker or candidate having in mind the needs of the particular job or company

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